Some people believe that God or some higher power delivers universal data through tarot cards.

Some believe that the Tarot cards have no fortune telling ability, but instead the individual asking the questions selectively interprets the cards to fit their life situation, and gains worth in doing so. Its different how every one thinks, but I think that Tarot readings can help supply you with a clear reflection of your past, present and future projections, and help you to think about your experiences, and thus gain a fresh possible on your life. You dont need to have psychic powers to use the tarot successfully. All that you need is the eagerness to revere and develop your natural intuition.

I feel extremely attached to the Tarot as it opened the way for my intuition to do its job. The Tarot can certainly offer advice as well as a potential outcome based on the energies surrounding a situation. The cards can shed light on how we can achieve the best out of a situation, gain lucidity and doubtless incentivize us at points when we are inclined to give up. Originally Tarot cards were used as an element of a game, just as we use standard playing cards these days. However in the latter 1700s, the cards were apparently an opening into the world of the occult. Later on , tarot became the most commonly viewed tool for divination.

A standard tarot reading involves a hunter someone who is hunting for answers to private questions and a reader someone that knows how to interpret the cards. After the searcher has shuffled and cut the deck, the reader lays out the selected cards in a pattern called a spread. Each position in the spread has a meaning, and each card has a meaning as well . The reader mixes these 2 meanings to shed light on the seekers question.

A Tarot deck is a deck of 78 cards. It is divided into the Major Arcana with 22 cards and a Minor Arcana with fifty six cards. The Major Arcana has individual cards, which differ greatly from one another. They are usually numbered zero to 21. The Minor Arcana is split into 4 suits : Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins. Each suit has four Court Cards, which are Page, Knight, King and Queen. The numbered cards are 2 to ten and Ace. Tarot decks are utilised for a number of purposes. The most well-known is divination. Other commonplace usages are meditation and self-development.

source: understanding tarot readings

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